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Wedge Technology

Understanding what makes wedges work

Wedges work best when they provide effective, yet controllable spin near the greens. This isn't the result of 
power or natural ability, but rather a contrast in the way the ball is struck. These contrasts give us better 
perspective and help us better understand the ways wedges can create spin.

What makes them the best wedges in the game

Bounce on the heel portion: A lot of our Fourteen wedges have a higher bounce on the heel portion, 
because when you open the face to hit, believe it or not it is actually the toe portion that hits the ball first, not 
the sole portion. To increase the bounce on the heel portion lets golfers feel the sole and will allow them to 
hit the ball in a consistent manner for each hit.

The wider the sole, the more accurate you are: All too often, golfers inadvertently slide the club head 
too deeply under the ball, resulting in poor shots. Wedges like our DJ-11 feature a wide sole to minimize the 
risk of mishits.

Thickness of the leading wedge is thin: In our RM-12, the leading edge is thin and has a flat sole, enabling 
golfers to feel each and every shot, yielding more accuracy and consistency.

It's about finding your groove: At Fourteen, we mirror mill each groove in the RM-12 and DJ-11. Sure, this 
takes a long time, but the payoff is worth that time investment. Now, the grooves feature optimal spin control, 
meaning more accurate shots and fewer missed greens.

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