​​​​​A full service professional club fitting and repair center, utilizing the latest in ball and clubhead capture technology - the UNEEKOR QED - and proprietary club fitting software to effectively analyze your swing. 

Now serving the entire Eastern Shore.

                                       What can I expect during my fitting! 

We have several different types of Fittings to accommodate everyone:

1 - Lie Angle Fitting = $25.00
2 - Putter Only Fitting = $50.00
3 - 1 Hour Putting Lesson - $50.00
4 - Iron Only Fitting = $100.00
5 - Driver Only Fitting = $100.00
6 - Both Iron and Putter at the same time = $125.00
7 - Both Driver and Putter at the same time = $125.00

If you choose to add either an iron or driver fitting within 30 days of your first fitting you will receive a 50% discount on that second fitting. For example, if you come in for an Iron fitting and want to also schedule a Driver fitting, your Iron fitting will be $100.00 but your Driver fitting will only be $50.00 if scheduled within 30 days of your first fitting.

A fitting is allocated for 2 hours. Additional time may be billed accordingly. You will be hitting indoors, into a net, off my Launch Monitor, connected to my computer.  Some items discussed or covered and what you can expect from a typical fitting are:

-    Introductions, warm up, background questions and general overview of what is about to take place. 
-    Review of the pre-fitting form that I have each client complete – this is an online document sent through “Google Docs” 
-    We take measurements from your current set and discuss how the clubs work or don't work for you.
-    You hit/warm up using your clubs (6 iron) to determine a performance baseline. 
-    Measure wrist to floor and knuckles to floor - to determine starting point for club length.
-    In an iron fitting, you will then hit the Mizuno shaft optimizer to help narrow down the shaft options.
-    Based on the feedback, you will then hit a variety of test clubs with different shaft combinations.
-    Once a shaft has been identified, you will hit various heads to determine optimal head selection.
-    Perform a dynamic hitting test to determine optimal lie angle of clubs - both the clients and test or fitted club.
-    We discuss and compare the data on the launch monitor focusing on both distance and grouping patterns.
-    Discuss results and talk about the different test clubs used during the fitting and why.
-    Talk about set make up and how you want your new set to look.  
-    How many wedges and bounce angles (discuss clients most dominant sand type and turf conditions is discussed and considered) and the different options available.
-    Benefits of adding a hybrid or two to replace the long irons.
-    Fairway woods and the relationship to the hybrids and driver.
-    Review exact fitting specifications and recommendations determined by the fitting.
-    Options for retro-fitting or modifying your existing set vs. purchasing a new set.
-    Possible test club built based on the fitting specifications - this will allow you to hit it and compare it to your current set or during actual play.

Then the fun begins!

Whew! All that in 2 hours.
Will you find this kind of commitment and dedication from your local big box golf store?

Call or email us today for your professional fitting appointment or to discuss your fitting or repair concerns!


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